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We provide business opportunities for real estate owners and investors - be it an empty plot, or a garage.

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About us

Our first parking lot
In 1993 we opened the

Nearly 100 parking lots
Turning our hands over

Our first parking lot was opened in 1993. The more than two decades of experience behind us is that we can create the service we currently offer to you.

During this time, nearly 100 parking places were turned under our hands, and we learned a lot about how we can offer more than our competitors.
After many years, we decided to create a common image for the car parks that we operate in the other companies.
This is how the Starpark group was born, which collects more than 20 car parks and garage services to meet the needs of its customers at the highest level. The creation of the group gives us the opportunity to ensure lower prices and higher quality, both for individual and business partners.

Our partners: