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Visegrádi street parking

1133 Budapest, Visegrádi utca 116.


Our parking lot is not only popular among the people come nerby but also popular for people who travel further, because the Árpád Bridge bus station and metro station is in the neighborhood. On this thousands of square meters of land our guests can park easily and safety at any hour of the day -thanks for all-day opening hours – with 0-24 hour reception. To feel more comfortable and safe our car park is equipped with barrier system to easily get in or out. Also available for caravans!

Parking during sziget festival: SzigetParking.eu

Weekdays between 8:00 and 17:00

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0-24h Reception Barrier System Public transport CCTV Shop Theatre


Last updated:: 02 January 2018

Half hour: 150,- Ft
Daily rate: 3 000,- Ft
Half a day: 1 500,- Ft

Season tickets:

Last updated:: 02 January 2018

Monthly : 25 400,- Ft
Smal truck Monthly : 38 100,- Ft