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Star Park Group Parking and garage services

Szabolcs street 36. parking

1135 Budapest, Szabolcs utca 36


Just in the immediate neighborhood of the 13. districts Police Office we could say it is our most safest parking lot among all. In addition to the Police protection the parking lot has a security guard also. But this is not the end. Owing to the few huge trees on the field you can park your car protected from the sun in shadows. We are waiting for our guests with pleasure in our fresh opened parking lot on the corner of Szabolcs street and Dózsa György way.

Weekdays between 8:00 and 17:00

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Last updated:: 25 August 2016

Half hour:150,- Ft
Daily rate:1 500,- Ft
Half a day:1 000,- Ft

Season tickets:

Last updated:: 25 August 2016

Monthly :25 400,- Ft