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Star Park Group Parking and garage services

Dózsa György Road 144.

1134 Budapest, Dózsa György út 144.


Near the Kassák Lajos street and Dózsa György road junction, 500 metres away from the metro station our new parking is waiting for every car driver with more than 200 parking lots and 0-24 reception. The Dózsa György Road parking is equipped for safety and comfortable parking with barrier system, CCTV and bright night lamps. The entrance is approachable from Kassák Lajos street. The Budapest Honvéd Sport Club, a Synagogue and a playground are located 150 metres away from it.

Weekdays between 8:00 and 17:00

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24 órás Porta szolgálat0-24h Reception BankautomataATM Biztonsági kamera rendszerCCTV BKV ElérésekPublic transport Sorompó RendszerBarrier System


Last updated:: 02 January 2018

Hourly rate:250,- Ft
Daily rate:3 500,- Ft
Half a day:1 750,- Ft

Season tickets:

Last updated:: 02 January 2018

Monthly :25 400,- Ft
Big truck Monthly :25 000,- Ft
There's no season ticket purchase opportunity because all tickets are given out