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Star Park Group Parking and garage services

Királyhágó square parking

1126 Budapest, Királyhágó tér 7.


A Car Park surrounded by houses between Déli Pályaudvar (South Railway Station) and BAH junction. Our gueests can have a comfortable parking in front of the beautifull Királyhágó square with 0-24 reception, barrier system and CCTV. Near at hand is a post office, a bank (with ATM) and a florist within a hundren meters.

Weekdays between 8:00 and 17:00

Services /
Near at hand

24 órás Porta szolgálat0-24h Reception Sorompó RendszerBarrier System Mobil mosó - Inno wash / http://www.innowash.hu /	Mobil Wash - Inno wash / http://www.innowash.hu /	Szelektív hulladék gyűjtőRecycling Bank


Last updated:: 02 January 2018

Half hour:150,- Ft
Daily rate:2 700,- Ft

Season tickets:

Last updated:: 02 January 2018

Monthly :38 100,- Ft
Monthly daytime :36 000,- Ft
There's no season ticket purchase opportunity because all tickets are given out