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Dessewffy street 36. parking

1066 Budapest, Dessewffy utca 36.


Dessewffy 36 car park waits for guest with 0-24 reception and CCTV In the neighborhood of nagymező street. This covered car park gives comfortable parking for those who came near to Opera, Oktogon, Nyugati square or came to the nearest theaters. You can have a coffee in the Star Inn Hotel’s hall, or have you car washed while its not used.

+36 20 267 0994
Weekdays between 8:00 and 17:00

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24 órás Porta szolgálat0-24h Reception Sorompó RendszerBarrier System Biztonsági kamera rendszerCCTV Kézi autómosóCar hand wash


Last updated:: 12 February 2018

Half hour:250,- Ft
Hourly rate:500,- Ft
Daily rate:6 000,- Ft

Season tickets:

Last updated:: 12 February 2018

Monthly :44 450,- Ft
Monthly nightly :25 000,- Ft
There's no season ticket purchase opportunity because all tickets are given out