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Star Park Group Parking and garage services


Dear Visitor,

We consider it important to get to know us by our costumers. Mainly because it is hard to establish a personal relationship in this profession.
We belive that this is the first stair stapping stone for a particularly well-established long-term relationship.

We opened our first car park in 1993 and the service we offer is bulit from this 21 years routine.

During this time, we operated over 100 of car parks ang garages, and learned a lot about, how we can be more than our competitors.
After many years we decided to present our car parks – we operate and those we have in different firm – under an integrated brand.
This is how Star Park Group borned, which designed to satisfy costumers on the highest level, by collecting more than 20 car parks and garages services.

We constantly strive to raise standards of car traffic culture.
Therefore you can not only get answers of questions about our car parks but you can pick out important traffic informations to ease your day.

Our goal is to avoid you from hunting for parking space.

Star Park Group